Seismic Surveys

AGS provides a wide range of 2D, 3D, 3C and 9C seismic design and acquisition solutions


Seismic Survey Design & Acquisition

AGS LLC offer a full range of oilfield services including:

  • Survey Evaluation and Design
  • Advanced seismic processing services

  • Field acquisition services

AGS provides comprehensive yet seamless seismic services from designing and acquiring seismic surveys through to processing and interpreting the result. Having conducted successful projects in different terrains such as dense forest, desert, populated areas, djebels and agricultural areas. With our dedicated teams and extensive experience we can cater to the most exacting demands and deadlines utilizing the most appropriate acquisition methodology and equipment to push operating boundaries and provide your data in the most efficient but safe manner.

Seismic Data Acquisition

Highly experienced operational crews using the latest cabled and cable less systems.

  • Data Acquisition: 2D, 3D, 3D 3C, TZ, Marine Streamer, Uphole, LVL, VSP
  • Seismic Sources: Heavy vibrator, mini vibrator, shallow or deep hole dynamite, weight drop and marine air gun
  • Seismic Surveying: Conventional methods, GPS, Inertial and OBC positioning
  • Data Processing: QC field processing and office based processing

Survey Design and Management

2D and 3D survey design (Ion MESA):