Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment.



As a global company, AGS is dedicated to assisting clients with their exploration pursuits, while operating in an accountable and transparent manner. At AGS we believe that health, safety and environmental accountability is everyone’s responsibility – from our most senior management to our newest employee.

Leadership in HSE

We strive to establish and maintain best practice in HSE culture throughout AGS. Our goal is zero injuries to people and no damage to the environment. We work daily to achieve this.

People Focus and Integrity

We seek transparency in all our dealings and fully subscribe to a high standard of business ethics. We practice involvement, accountability and honesty. We respect and develop people, all of us are valued team members.

Initiative and Innovation

We strive to put forward new ideas, break down boundaries and seek new solutions for AGS and our customers. We always encourage a proactive approach, even at the risk of some failures.

Delivery and Reliability

We do our utmost to deliver what we promise to each other, to our clients, to our shareholders and society at large.

HSE Culture Commitment

An HSE culture that is consistent in the thoughts and actions of individuals at all levels of an organisation should contribute to a high quality in-depth system against technical, human and organizational failures.

Visible and consistent leadership in HSE from senior management, at the corporate level and at the Business Unit level is crucial for the development of a consistent HSE culture.

HSE culture focuses on the following leadership interactions regarding the promotion of a high performance workforce:

  • Idealised influence: being a good role model
  • Inspirational motivation: behave in a way that motivates and inspire workers – constantly provide meaning and challenge to their employees’ work.
  • Intellectual stimulation: encourage employees to question basic assumptions and reframe problems
  • Individual consideration: focus on each individual’s needs for achievement and growth

HSE Policies

Health, Safety & The Environment Policy
Quality Policy
Drug & Alcohol Policy
Driving Policy
Smoking Policy
Employee Conduct Policy
Anti Corruption Policy
Refusal to Work Policy
HSE Training Policy
Continuous Improvement Policy


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