AGS Services

Experts in Geo-science



AGS LLC offer a full range of oilfield services including:

  • Survey Evaluation and Design
  • Land Seismic Data Acquisition and In-Field Data Processing
  • Seismic Data Processing

Our professional staff are the key to our success of working in areas of diverse culture and extreme environmental sensitivity. We have a clear understanding of these issues and how they contribute to some of the specific challenges and complexities of the projects we undertake. Our people can work through the challenges and generate innovative solutions for the acquisition and processing of clear, high quality data in a safe, efficient and timely manner.


AGS provides comprehensive seismic services from designing and acquiring seismic surveys through to processing and interpreting the result. Having conducted successful projects in different terrains such as dense forest, desert, populated areas, djebels and agricultural areas. With our extensive experience we can cater to the most exacting demands and deadlines utilizing the most appropriate acquisition methodology and equipment.


The geophysical data acquisition capability of AGS is comprised of personnel and equipment for 2D, 3D, 3D-3Component, 4D, 4D-3Component surveys. With large, wholly owned fleets of vibrators, and geophysical recording equipment, we are readily available to acquire your data regardless of location. With a vast knowledge in the logistical operations of acquiring seismic surveys, you can be assured your geophysical data will be acquired in a professional and timely fashion.


Highly experienced operational crews using the latest cabled and cableless systems.


We are involved in the field acquisition of geophysical data which include:

Data Acquisition

  • Latest software and hardware technology

  • Accurate GPS surveying (Real Time Kinematics)

  • Fast turnaround data processing

Land Seismic Acquisition 2D and 3D

  • Using Sercel 428 / Aries / Nodal seismic data acquisition systems.
  • Extensive experience in all types of terrain conditions.
  • Drilling solutions for all types of lithology.
  • In-field data Processing and Quality Control.
  • Effective Uphole and LVL surveys for precise static correction.
  • Developed Quality, Health, Safety and Environment practices